Volunteer | Aspire School & Orphanage, Siem Reap, Cambodia


ASPIRE TRAINING & EDUCATION (NGO), non-governmental, non-profit organization is looking for visitors or volunteers like you, who are willing to contribute their time at an orphanage and school located 7 km to the south of central Siem Reap city at Trang Village. Giving just a few days of your time teaching and interacting with the children, or working on community projects makes the world of difference for those in need. It was a long time coming 5 years ago when we started to build a school for poor, homeless and orphaned children in our community here at Trang Village. But our school is not  finished yet, and we are in need of help from people like you, to fundraise before coming to volunteer at ASPIRE. The donations will be used to complete the second level of our school for 200 children, intended to open in August 2012.


The ASPIRE school for poor, homeless and orphaned children in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and provides food, shelter, protection and education for those who come from a background of extreme poverty and deprivation. Volunteers are able to interact with the children through educational classes and are also encouraged to become involved in community projects. The ASPIRE currently has no sponsorship, which means that we are fully reliant on donations. While giving your time teaching and interacting with the children is invaluable, a small financial donation can go a very long way. Other ways to donate include food items  such as: rice, meats, oil, soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, salt, garlic; toiletries such as: shampoo, soap, toothbrushes and toothpasts; and school supplies: stationary, books, pens, and pencils. Creating a supportive and nurturing environment for these kids is the most important step in bettering their lives. Also we will ask all volunteers to contribute the cash donations $100 US per week for feeding the children and raising money for running cost of school project.


If you would like to volunteer at ASPIRE school, please contact us via e-mail and we will ask you to complete a simple application form to give us your basic details and the dates you are available. There is a minimum age limit of 18 unless accompanied by a parent. We also welcome any volunteering family to our orphanage. We are also provide the certificate of completion for the volunteers, who is finished the project for volunteering at ASPIRE.


The ASPIRE school provides 80 children, from families suffering from extreme poverty, with free education as well as 7kg of rice per child each month. They range in age from 6 to 14 years old, and many have never been to school. Currently, we have no sponsorship, making the provision of their food and schooling very difficult. ASPIRE is a (NGO) non-governmental, non profit organsation; we do not have any support from the government. We are fully reliant on donations from visitors and volunteers who come to ASPIRE and give donations to help support the children.




The shcedule is working  5 days per week and 7 hours per day from Monday to Friday on the morning at ( 8: 00 AM - 11:00 AM ) and ending in the afternoon  ( 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM ). We have many things for volunteer work in the list item.





Agricuture / Farming

To teach English  Building Project To grow / watering vegetable garden
To teach computer skills Moving Bricks / other things To grow / watering tree fruits
Reading Book Art & Painting Walls Cleaning area of school
Watching Movice To market To give food for chicken & fishes
Traditional Khmer Dancing To cook food for children Sport to pay volleyball & football



We are preparing a program for our volunteers to take weekend trips (Saturday & Sunday) to see Angkor Wat temples, sunrise, sunset, river side and the countryside. For more details, please click on ASPIRE Tour 


In order to expand ASPIRE and the influence it has in our community, we are currently building a homestay for our volunteers to stay in during their time with us. In order to begin this project, we have owed a extra money $ 55, 000. 00 US (Fifty five thousand US dollars) from ABA bank to build a dormitory project for support the children of Aspire in the future, every month we have to pay amount $778 US for loan during 10 years. With this project to completion, we're still needing help more $ 23, 187 US dollars to repay for material construction & labours. We have given a name of dormitory is The View Garden Villa  is an Aspire project built with support of sponsors donations. It is a clean and comfortable guesthouse which provides visitors a safe, relaxing place to rest after a day at our center or at Angkor Wat. We use revenue from the guesthouse to support our center in a more sustainable way, where we don't only rely on donations. Also, we are able to gain new experience and the opportunitiy for learning valuable skills from the experience that might relate to future job opportunities in hotel, travel and tourism businesses. Thank you for your ongoing support of Aspire and our youth.


We have a resturant for full day & bar in night time, selling food, soft drink, coffee, can of beers, bottle of beers, also volunteers can order food what they want in menu (breakfast, lunch & dinner), this is real traditional Cambodian delicious food for our volunteer as well.  


The View Garden Villa is a family house for guests and volunteers, the money earned is donated to charity the Aspire Training & Education, a school organisation for poor, homeless and orphan children in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. The house has 26 bedrooms (equipped with air-conditioner), each bedrooms has (one toilet, cool & hot shower). For bedding, we provide a bed, a mattress, a blanket and a pillow. Each volunteer is required to pay $ 12 US dollars per night for  for sharing room and include for free food two meals a day (lunch & diner), this amount will pay for the children food, staff's wage, electricity bill, gasoline for ( transportation the children to return school & market) and wi-fi.


We have a private room for volunteers with price below: 


  • One bunk bed is price $7 US dollars sharing room with air-con) 
  • Two bedrooms is price $24 US dollars (private room with air-con)
  • Three bedrooms price is $36 US dollars (private room with air-con)
  •  Four bedrooms price is $48 US dollars (private room with air-con)


However, all of this is unfortunately not enough to adequately fund the school. Therefore, the school has organised an Aspire Charity Souvenir shop so that visitors and volunteers can purchase small gifts and help support the orphanage.


We are in need of help from visitors and volunteers to donate money or hold fundraising efforts to support the building and construction of the dormitory project for the children of ASPIRE. We hope you will join us in helping to alleviate extreme poverty and supporting the children of Cambodia. Thank you so much for your support!


When you arrive to Siem Reap, we can arrange for a tuk-tuk driver to pick you up from the airport or the bus station. Our tuk-tuk driver is also able to drop and pick you up for trips into Siem Reap during the weekends and evenings.


Donations from our volunterers will help to pay for this house, which is 288 square meter with 3 floors. With this project, we intend to attract more volunteers to ASPIRE and allow them to become more personally connected with the kids and our organization. We hope to make you a part of our family by offering a simple homestay so that you are able to stay and help as long as you wish without worrying about where you will eat or stay the night. This project is centered around the fact that volunteers are critical to our success. Without the generosity of our volunteers time, donations, and effort, ASPIRE would not be here today.


The tuk-tuk service transportation fee:


  • Pick up/ take to the airport $10 US 
  • To go to town ( for market and shoping) $5 US each way / Total $10 US
  • To go to community ( to see the children village) $5 US each way / Total $6 US
  • Angkor Wat temples tour (small tour $15 US / large tour $20 US) sunrise & sunset $10 US


The tuk-tuk fees will cover the following:


  • Gas for the tuk-tuk
  • Money for the driver
  • Mainternance for the tuk-tuk


 Aspire Volunteer Charity Shop


We are also created the Aspire Volunteer Charity Shop to sell things to our volunteers and visitors who want to support the children of Aspire. We sell T-shirts, bags, foods, soft drink, coffee, can of beers, bottle of beer, handmade clothes, artwork by our children, necklaces, bangles and earrings,...etc. All these things will be made by our children at Aspire's resturant.


Areas you may help in :


Schooling: If you have teaching experience or can just carry out conversations in different languages (i.e English, France, Japanese, Chinese, Computer,...etc) it helps the children develop their skills.


Building: We are always looking for skilled or unskilled people to help us carry out our current building projects.


Labour: Part of our daily life is growing/nurturing our crops, which helps keep the food costs down while teaching the children where food comes from and how to sustain themselves and their families in the future.


Admin: Innovative ideas for gaining new sponsors, writting letters and helping to polish up general I.T. are areas we can always use help with.


Children: Just talking, caring , spending time with and of course playing with the children does so much for the morale of the entire school / orphanage , its in this where we hope that you may gain just as much from us as we gain from you.


Volunteers are able to offer so much to our children; you may be a trained teacher, or simply a natural one. you may enjoy sharing hand-craft skills; you may enjoy sports activities with eager boys and girls, or you may like quieter pastimes such as looking at books and talking with the children. Every child will benefit from individual attention given by volunteers, and you will be encouraging them to use their English language skills. There are all sorts of ways you can help even if you do not speak English. We do not ask for any set donation beyond the cost of your meals and lodging, but please understand that we rely on the generous donations of those able to contribute to our project and would welcome any additional support you can give.


We do ask that if you are planning ahead to volunteer, that you would please email us so that we know when you expect to be with us. However, if you find yourself in Siem Reap with a day or two to spare, then do just turn up and help in any way you can.

The tuk tuk for transportation the children from extreme community to learn English at ASPIRE school.