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 Please help by sponsoring the children at ASPIRE :


It's costs about $81.26 USD a month to look after one child and provide for all of his or her needs i.e. food and snack, telephone calls / internet, transportation and care,...etc. It has become a common practice in orphanages to sponsor a single child however, at ASPIRE we prioritise the needs of all the children therefore any sponsorship money will be evenly distributed to enure all the children benefit equally. If you become a sponsor, we ask you to pay $81.26 USD a month to support the children of ASPIRE orphanage. You will receive regular updates of  the children's progress and the progress of the many facilities we are currenrly working on to improve the lifes of the children here at ASPIRE.


For an additonal $50 a year you can provide one child with clothing and school supplies (uniform, books etc)


If sponsoring the children here at ASPIRE is something that you may be interested in yet are worried about financial commitment, it may be worth sharing the monthly costs with family or friends.


If you would like to know more, please email ASPIRE at the above address for more details which include a specific breakdown of monthly costs. Please contact Mr. Sean Samnang, president of ASPIRE through this email address:


Monthly Payment Running Cost of Project !



25 kids / Day

 Monthly Payment

 Rice   $ US 16.66   $ US 499.80
 Food ( vegetable & meats)   $ US 25.00   $ US 750.00
 Ingredients/ additional food   $ US 3.00   $ US 90.00
 Fruits   $ US 5.00   $ US 150.00
 Snack at public school   $ US 12.50   $ US 375.00
 Admin ( Telephone calls & Internet)   $ US 1.50   $ US 45.00
 Gases   $ US 1.60   $ US 48.00
 Maintenance (Motor bike &  tuk-tuk )   $ US 1.00   $ US 30.00
 Electricity bill   $ US 10.00   $ US 300.00

 Gasoline ( transportation children return school,   community & market )

  $ US 5.00   $ US 150.00
                          Grand total monthly payment :  $ US 81.26   $ US 2,437.80


This estimate is for day to day living expenses only and does not include money needed to buy equipment or assist with building maintenance.


This bank account for is associated with the orphanage. If you would like to help the children with child sponsorship or donation, please transfter this account below:


Bank Account Details :


ANZ Royal bank (Cambodia) Ltd,
20 Kramuon Sar & Corner of Street 67
Account Name : Aspire Training & Education
Account No: 2-73-52-62
Swift Code : ANZBKHPP

Thank you so much for Mrs. Sally Grath's family and her daughters ( Avalon McGrath & Eliza Rose McGrath) to sponsors Cantra, Rayut & Srey Nich. The sponsorship donations for every 6 months and started from 04th June 2016 til 04th Dec, 2017.