Our Goals | Aspire School & Orphanage, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Activities of Aspire School

Our goal for ASPIRE Training & Education is to provide free education for vulnerable children and to provide scholarships for local children living in extreme poverty. The scholarships we provide during this time includes three meals a day, shelter, clothes, education & protection. At the ASPIRE school, we currently support 27 children on scholarships, many of them from families in our community at Trang Village who live in extreme poverty and cannot afford to provide them adequade living conditions.


As part of long-term vision, we plan to hire additional fixed teachers and build a big school with two storeys in order to have 200-300 students attending the school. We have started building the first floor already, which has four classrooms, using funds from donations. However, more funding is required in order to fully complete this project. The project ultimately aims to provide education and skills or training opportunities for the poor, orphaned and at-risk youth in Cambodia. Currently at Aspire we fully rely on donations from the public to continue our operations and it is with this in mind that ASPIRE founder-director, Mr Sean Samnang, aims to create a more self-sufficient and sustainable village.  


Aspire School has built a new school with four English classrooms, computer classes, library, video room, a stage for children to dance and to play musical instruments, a large area for playing, a vegetable gardening, and a chicken coop.


Aspire's Goals:


- Provide shelter, nutritionous food, protection, adequate healthcare and education for orphaned children and those living in extreme poverty;


- Reduce poverty & enable individuals and communities to become self-sufficient, breaking the cycle of poverty;


- Build houses for families living under extreme poverty, water pumps, toilets and equipment. We frequently look to provide food to support children from communities who are learning at Aspire for free education;


- Carry out our work without discrimination and offer equal opportunities regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or beliefs  


- Encourage our children to embrace the knowledge of local Khmer customs, including dance and music, so that this knowledge is not lost in future generations; 


- Provide free transportation for local children to and from the school.


Mission of ASPIRE School:

ASPIRE's mission is to offer students the acquisition of knowledge, employability, and a positive work ethic as well as to teach a variety of laboring/trade skills. Therefore, the curriculum will include a combination of both theory-based and hands-on practical learning with an aim to support and guide the children towards a self-sufficient and positive future. All students and trainees will receive the fundamentals of moral, physical, educational and civic values. They will gain extra skills in English Language and Informatics and be given the opportunity to participate in a range of religious, recreational and social activites. In the future we also aim to build houses, water pumps and toilets for those nearby living in extreme poverty.


The activity volunteers teaching Khmer at ATE school !